After thirty years living in Angola, the Portuguese ethnologist Acácio Vieira, along with his wife Conceição,moves to Brazil bringing with him an extensive archive of the life of people of Angola and Portuguese colonizers. Weaving memories, images and personal stories, the film embarks on an affectionate journey of the couple’s past, while reconstructing a link of the three countries in which they lived.

88min | Brazil | 2008

Film Crew

Cast: Acácio Videira, Maria da Conceição Videira, Gambôa Muatximbau
Director: Marília Rocha
Original idea and research: Glaura Cardoso Vale
Screenplay and texts: Clarissa Campolina, Marília Rocha
Production: Diana Gebrim, Glaura Cardoso Vale
Associate producers: Helvécio Marins Jr., Luana Melgaço
Cinematographers: Clarissa Campolina, Marília Rocha
Archives: Acácio Videira
Sound: Pedro Aspahan
Editing: Clarissa Campolina
Sound Design: O Grivo
Distribution Coordinator: Felipe Duarte
Distribution: Cia do Filme, Teia | Lume Filmes (DVD)

• Brazilian theatrical première in 2010, DVD release in 2011, TV exhibition in 2011.


• Best Feature Film – 14th SESC/ SATED Award


• 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands)
• 24th Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico)
• 11th BAFICI – Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (Argentina)
• 10th International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)
• 31º Internacional Festival of the New Latin American Cinema (Havana/Cuba)
• SANFIC5 – Santiago International Film Festival (Chile)
• 7º DocLisboa – Internacional Film Festival (Portugal)
• 13º Lima Festival – Latin American Movie Meeting (Peru)
• 32nd São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)
• 13º International Documentary Festival (Brazil)
• 12nd Tiradentes Film Festival (Brazil)
• I Week of the Filmmakers (RJ/Brazil)
• 7th IndieLisboa – Internacional Independent Film Festival (Portugal)
• Visions du Réel: tribute to Marília Rocha, Nyon (Switzerland)
• 5th and 6th Dockanema – Documentary Film Festival of Mozambique (Africa)
• Festival Cine//B (Chile)
• 32th Brazilian Art Panorama – MAM SP (Brazil)
• 12th Brazilian Cinema Retrospective – CineSESC (Brazil)