On the Move

On the Move portraits the life and paths that some people take to get to school. Each story takes place in a different part of Brazil. The series is co-produced by Maquina and SESCTV, and coordinated by Heloísa Passos. The complete program has 13 episodes, 4 of which were directed by Marília Rocha.

2011 | Brazil



In the Bailique archipelago, the traffic between one island and another is only possible during the high Atlantic tides. In certain periods of each month, a group of kids spend the night and most part of their day on a boat to get to school.

• Ceará

In a small village in the Northeastern Coast, four sisters and a younger brother play until the arrival of the motorcycle taxi Bigode, which daily takes them to school. On its back, the kids set off as if they were flying, between the dunes, the sky and the endless horizon.

• Minas Gerais

In the Sierra Fechados, two brothers share the back of a donkey for hours to get to school. During the trip, full of mishaps and cliffs, the two brothers swap songs, love letters, secrets and jokes until they reach their destination: a school that contrasts with everything in the life they have outside.

Rio Grande do Sul

In Coronel Pilar, Rio Grande do Sul, a small village colonized by the Italians, the two cousins Vanessa and Caroline divide their days between nonna’s house and school. While their moms are working in the field, they share with their grandmother the adventure of discovering the world.


Film Credits

Episode Director: Marília Rocha
Cinematrographer: Ivo Lopes Araújo, Marília Rocha, Bernard Machado
Sound: Gustavo Fioravante
Editing: Renata Maria e Tina Hardy
Program coordination: Heloísa Passos
Production: Maquina e SESC TV

Screening soon

• Canal Futura – Globosat (Brazil)
• TV3 – Televisió de Catalunya


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